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My Holter monitor reports from 2012 diagnosed me with infrequent low-grade atrial and ventricular ectopy.  Asymptomatic, no significant pauses.  First of all, I was completely symptomatic. The longest pause 1.7 seconds. I had 2,571 VPB’s and 148 APBs.  My 2011 ultrasound indicated insignificant stenosis or regurgitation for the mitral, aortic, tricuspid and pulmonic valves.  They did not mention this, but the LVO T diameter is a little below the range.

I need to get an updated ultrasound of my heart for comparison. I have been told that everything is normal. Is this normal?  Does anyone else have VPB’s? Mine works out to 54 VPBs per hour and from what I read more than 60 per hour is considered frequent.