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My right subclavian artery is having vascular spasms.  Fortunately this happened during an ultrasound for vascular flow.  The technician said that one minute the reading was normal, and the next the subclavian artery had a high-grade stenosis of greater than 70%.  They only have the stenosed images, but the technician described what happened.  There is no plaque in the arteries.  Also diagnosed with thoracic outlet syndrome - TOS in that arm.

I suspected subclavian steal syndrome three years ago, but no one would listen.  Now, this is what my electrophysiologist suspects. The next step-vascular surgeon and CT Angiogram - head, neck and down to heart.

So for those of you out there with red hands, crazy distended veins, SOB and an entire slew of other symptoms, I think I am making some headway. I truly believe that when I am having these crazy symptoms, I am having full-body vascular spasms.  I just pray it happens during the testing they are going to do.

My gallbladder is 5 mm thick and there are no gallstones.  I believe this is from ischemia and related to the vascular spasms.