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In the evenings my heart starts pounding so hard all over my entire body.  I feel weak, my veins distend (enlarge) and I know when I stand up blood will pool in the distended veins and the tachycardia will be severe.  Does anyone else have this pounding all over?  Also, when I lay down to go bed, the pounding is even worse.  I can feel my heart pounding in my feet and hands for example, and my feet and hands turn red and hot.  Sometimes I have to put ice packs on them just so I can fall asleep.  Has anyone else experienced anything like this?  Or does anyone know what this is?  Also, does anyone wake up BURNING hot (but not sweating) or FREEZING cold during the night?

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I get that all over pounding at times. I can feel it in my ears, fingertips, bottom of my feet, head. I don’t get the distended veins or blood pooling with it though…and I don’t get the burning.
I frequently go to bed freezing and under three blankets only to wake up at some point burning up and stripping down. This is followed some time later by waking up, freezing again, to get into sweats and pull my three blankets back up over me. This goes on until about 5am..after which I am consistently freezing. Doesn’t matter what I set the thermostat in the house to…could be on 60 or on 80…..I still alternately freeze and fry all night long and wake up freezing. But I have some other symptoms that point to me having poor thermoregulation…so I imagine it’s all related.


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My body has no internal thermostat either.  I don’t get pounding so much as muscle tremors and pulses in different spots at times.  I have some known triggers but other times it’s a mystery.  Last winter I slept with 4 comforters and my infrared heating pad on my bed.  This winter just a regular blanket, but will be freezing sometimes and then have hot flushes when I have to throw the covers off my legs or I’m going to suffocate.  The joys of dystautonomia.


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