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Dr. Driscoll attends the Open Medicine Foundation research meeting at Stanford

Pictured: Linda Tannenbaum (President and CEO, OMF), Dr. Ron Davis (Director, OMF), Lynda Weinman, Dr. Diana Driscoll, James Driscoll (right to left)

Dr Driscoll, Clinical Director of POTS Care and President of Genetic Disease Investigators, LLC was honored to be invited to the Open Medicine Foundation's Symposium at Stanford University.

Dr. Driscoll joined researchers from all over the world -- all with the goal to get answers for an illness that is has been misunderstood for too long. Dr. Ron Davis, Director of Open Medicine Foundation, is personally touched by ME/CFS ("Chronic Fatigue Syndrome"), as was Dr. Driscoll. Dr. Davis' son is a dramatically affected patient. So much of the impetus to get answers is from those personally affected!

As you may know, Dr Driscoll was disabled by POTS/ME/CFS for over a decade, and her son, James, was also extremely ill and was unable to attend school for about three years. Dr. Driscoll and her son, James, have recovered and Dr. Driscoll now helps patients full-time at POTS Care. Much of Dr. Driscoll's journey is shared on her blog at

Dr. Driscoll has been conducting research on ME/CFS (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), POTS, fibromyalgia, and Chronic Lyme Disease for almost a decade. Thought of as the patient's researcher, she has been working as quickly as possible to get answers for patients today. She and her son, James, have recovered from both ME/CFS and POTS and were the only recovered patients at the conference! 

Dr. Driscoll continues to push research ahead while treating patients with the knowledge available today. 

To see some of her research, check out The research page on POTS Care


From Dr. Driscoll

I was deeply honored to be be surrounded by such incredible minds! The quality of scientists present was quite humbling. Where my viewpoint was unique was from the prospective of both an eye doctor and a former patient. There is often no part of the body unaffected by these potentially devastating conditions, and we began to get some answers by looking in the eyes! My need to get immediate answers for myself and my kids spurred me on, despite how many layers there can be to this illness. I look forward to releasing more of our research soon, and continue to treat others today with what we know now. As patients, we can't wait for a decade or two for completion of all research (at least I couldn't)!  Now practicing full time at POTS Care

POTS Care is the only clinic treating POTS by locating and treating the underlying medical cause of POTS -- not just the symptoms. 

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