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Head Circumference Growth in Children who Develop Multiple Sclerosis later in life

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Multiple sclerosis patients commonly develop generalized ventricular dilation with or without cerebral atrophy over time. Case studies in the literature have noted some multiple sclerosis patients develop the typical “normal pressure hydrocephalus” triad of dementia, gait disturbance and incontinence which were responsive to shunts.

Many patients with connective tissue disorders (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome) develop Multiple Sclerosis and studies indicate that in the Multiple Sclerosis population, there exists over 10% more Ehlers-Danlos patients than in the normal population.

Because studies are indicating a form of external communicating hydrocephalus in the Ehlers-Danlos population, the author hypothesizes the same type of hydrocephalus may occur in the Multiple Sclerosis population.

To evaluate this hypothesis, investigators will retroactively evaluate the head circumference of Multiple Sclerosis patients between birth and 15 months (before the skull sutures have closed). NCT 01377805

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