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Video: Finding a DOCTOR!

This is the hardest question I receive from patients. How can I find a doctor who understands my condition? Which doctors are following "The Driscoll Theory"? Let's share, shall we? In: Chronic Fatigue, Coping, Ehlers-Danlos, Fibromyalgia, Hydrocephalus, Mast Cell Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Orthopedic Issues, Pain Control, POTS, Vascular abnormalities 94 Comments | View

Video: Diamox and Alkalinity

If you are following The Driscoll Theory, you know how hard it can be to remain alkaline. This video may help! In: Chronic Fatigue, Ehlers-Danlos, Hydrocephalus, Multiple Sclerosis, POTS 25 Comments | View

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