Surviving and Thriving with Chronic Illness

Rhonda’s story


Rhonda shares her story of previously unrecognized high intracranial pressure and how she found answers through The Driscoll Theory®. Story

“I have suffered from a chronic headache since 2003. For over ten years I struggled. I tried numerous medications, many of which had no effect or made me worse. I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at the same time, and because the symptoms of MS are varied and wide, most of my health issues were blamed on this one disorder. I struggled with numerous doctors who were either too busy to delve deeper into my issues, or were too complacent in medicine and lived in their box. I needed and searched for a doctor who would be open to new theories and not accept the label of MS as the cause of all of my health problems, which were numerous. It took me eight years to find a doctor who listened and researched, who respected my knowledge, and accepted that I know what my body tells me. This gem of a doctor has often encouraged my research into new or alternative ideas and has often told me he learns much from me. A few months ago he told me he believed I was suffering from Ehlers Danlos syndrome. He asked if I had heard of it. I replied, “Yes.” I told him about Dr. Diana Driscoll and her theory. He was immediately interested. I sent him a copy of The Driscoll Theory®, along with more of the research on After we both had time to absorb the information, we agreed I fit the theory. I immediately asked if he thought trying Diamox for my endless, awful headache was a good plan. He said “yes, I’ll call in the prescription immediately.” It was almost an immediate relief after taking Diamox for a couple of days. The headache was just GONE. I spoke to my doctor and told him about the improvement. He was pleased. I also asked him to give me more time to evaluate. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t jumping the gun. My doctor asked me what Diamox was supposed to do. I replied, “It is supposed to reduce intracranial CSF pressure and eliminate the headache the pressure causes.” He said “Yes, exactly.” I said “It’s working!” It’s been two months and I still have relief. The headache can creep in between doses at times, but as soon as I take my scheduled dose it is gone again. It is hard to explain how good it feels not to suffer any longer. No one likes a headache, let alone a ten year headache! I will never go back. Diamox and The Driscoll Theory® have changed my life and I want to share it with everyone. ”