Surviving and Thriving with Chronic Illness

Zoey’s Story


Zoey's story about her personal victory after reading The Driscoll Theory®. Story

“"I've been wanting to write or call you for some time now, to share with you what you did for me almost 5 yrs ago. I had been left to die in a nursing home( by family, husband, & an old friend). I was very ill, had in a few months lost 84 lbs, could not eat, speak, sit up, or take care of personal needs, which was intermittent. It lasted for weeks to months at a time, with short periods of reprieve before slamming me again. My doctor said that I'd only live about a year, tops, without a miracle. Well you are a great part of that miracle. Although still quite ill, with lesser incapacitating flares, my life is one small miracle after another. Actually, on my best days, I'm writing my 3rd and 4th books, and a screenplay. I'm alone, after tremendous losses of my closest relationships, some due to my issues, and others, due to their deaths in past 5 years. I've lived in several nursing homes, had countless lengthy hospital stays. However, great victory, finds me currently living on my own in a seniors apartment community. Yes, in part, thanks to you, and your selfless work, I've seen these small and great miracles. I am so thankful for what you shared,with an adopted spiritual- sister of mine, that when implemented in my life, helped to bring about these changes. Thank you, isn't enough, it could never be enough, for what you've done for me and so many others! I pray often for you, your family, and your professional practices. So many need your gifts and talents. Love, prayers & yes many gentle hugs!"”