Surviving and Thriving with Chronic Illness

The Driscoll Theory®

Got POTS? Get answers!

Peeling back the underlying causes of chronic POTS leads to innovative treatment.

Written by doctors and patients who live with EDS/POTS every day.

What began as one patient’s efforts to find answers, has become the standard of care for many. In this new book, doctors and patients unite to continue to unveil the results of this new research.

All proceeds from this book will be used to fund further research and to off-set some costs of publication.

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“The author has found that a great number of EDS/POTS patients are suffering with “non-neuropathic POTS” and these patients can be gravely ill. They can respond immediately to the proper medical treatment, however, whereas symptomatic treatment is only marginally effective, at best.”

“This paradigm shift is tremendous news for those who believe their condition is due to genetic defects, and little can be done beyond symptomatic relief. This new research indicating that the majority of patients can be treated with existing medications to address the “true” underlying condition is ground-breaking.”

“If MCAS (mast cell activation syndrome) is secondary to an underlying inflammatory process, treating mast cells will help the patients feel better, but will not “cure” the patient. If the patient is left to treat mast cells (a secondary response) without treating the primary problem causing MCAS, they will never be free from the presentation.”

“This paradigm shift is changing lives throughout the world. A fresh perspective is providing hope and healing for many ‘forgotten patients’.”

“It is time to reevaluate everything we thought we knew about Hypermobile and Classic Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.”

“Researchers now know that lumbar punctures in children are NOT an effective method of measuring ICP.”14

“I often wonder how many children are suffering with undiagnosed high ICP who may be presenting as “ADHD” or behavioral problems.”

“An evaluation (and aggressive treatment) of genetic disorders of coagulation is critical, even in the very young patient.”

“Family members often go right into denial mode when they hear that there is a disabling genetic illness in the family, especially if historically no one has been this sick.”

“This is a journey which we don’t choose and it is not for the faint of heart or mind. But, there is hope for the future and ways to make the journey better in the meantime.”

“I usually say to my residents in training, “we do not recognize what we are not looking for”.

“I have seen celiac patients whom I was sure had Ehlers-Danlos, but after sending them to the geneticist, who confirmed their symptoms were indeed similar, they in fact had malabsorption acquired connective tissue weakness, not genetically wired connective tissue problems.”

“I always say that I can’t prove that Dr. Diana literally saved Emily’s life, although I suspect that she did, but I do know without a doubt that she gave Emily her life back.”

“For people like me and my daughter, The Driscoll Theory is one of the greatest miracles we've received.”

“An allergy to sulpha antibiotics does not produce cross-reactions to acetazolamide (Diamox).”

“This paradigm shift is changing lives throughout the world. A fresh perspective is providing hope and healing for many ‘forgotten patients’.”