Surviving and Thriving with Chronic Illness

Best Spoonie Art Contest!

DEADLINE EXTENDED TO SEPT 30! All "bugs" on forum are now fixed! Yeah! So, if you are a creative spoonie, please join us in our "Best Spoonie Art Contest"! You can enter on the forum at In this video, Dr. Diana discusses how this will work. Any and all art, music, writing, etc is acceptable, as long as a spoonie (chronically ill patient) has made it! Deadline is the end of Sept, 2013. Don't miss the fun! wink
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I have that same brace! Its a godsend! This is so funnnn!!!! So glad you are doing this!!! Woot! You’re adorable btw!

Hello Everyone! The “bugs” on the forum are fixed (sooo sorry!) and the Deadline has been extended to Sept 30! Please join us… wink

I would love to enter but I can’t get registered.  I am having problems with the capatcha.  It says {/if—} I have used different browsers and still come up with the same capatcha.  Am I doing something wrong?

Agh! Shellie, really?! Well, obviously, you must really be a robot. Ha. OK, I will shoot this over to the webmaster and see what is UP! She’s started on some redesigns, and I betcha’ that did something weird…. So sorry… If you’d like me to manually register you, I can do that—just shoot me an email (contact page) with your preferred user name and your email address and I’ll get you on! smile

Very impressive and enjoyable video you share with us. I’m sure the people who have the interest in art,, music, writing etc. they found your video very thoughtful. Please keep posting interesting and valuable stuff with us to illustrate us with a reality of life.