Surviving and Thriving with Chronic Illness

Classic Ehlers-Danlos

Dr. Diana describes the Classic form of Ehlers-Danlos (EDS) and how to differentiate it from the Hypermobility type.

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OMG! I have so m,any of these symptoms! I started with fatigue when I was around 38 although I never did have a long lasting stamina…went on to be DX’d with MS at 50 yrs old..except for being able to judge a 10% thingy with my arms and legs…I have stretchy skin, can do all those things with my fingers, touch my hands flat on the ground while standong…and I am 58 now…have lost almost all muscle, which I didn’t have much of…have those brain zaps of electricity when i move my eyes side to sider but not all the time..have had the sleep disorders, feeling wide awake at night like I’m in the “fight or flight” mode and then sleeping all not have Mitral valve probs although my sister does…I am amazed that I may have something with a rral name and not just the catch phrase “MS”

Great videos!  Does your dog have stretchy skin?

<h1>ED治療</h1> <h1>勃起不全</h1> <h1>早漏</h1> <h1>精力剤</h1> 
<h1>ED治療</h1> <h1>勃起不全</h1> <h1>早漏</h1> <h1>精力剤</h1> 
<h1>ED治療</h1> <h1>勃起不全</h1> <h1>早漏</h1> <h1>精力剤</h1> 
<h1>ED治療</h1> <h1>媚薬</h1> <h1>早漏</h1> <h1>精力剤</h1> 
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