Surviving and Thriving with Chronic Illness

Diamox and Alkalinity

If you are following The Driscoll Theory, you know how hard it can be to remain alkaline. This video may help!
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Very helpful! Thank you Dr. Diana!

Thank you so much for all this information!!  I’m sitting here taking notes down as im watching this smile  I have been trying to get alkaline for a while now, before I knew about the diamox.  One thing I might mention, is that I drink chlorophyll daily, as it has many, many good qualities, and is great help in obtaining/balancing alkalinity in the body.  I never thought of the baking soda capsules, so i wrote that down.  Shoulder…. absolutely… it’s always my left, ranging from the top of the skull tracing all the way down the side of face, neck, shoulder.  Feels like a rope is attached to it all and its pulling my head to the side but down toward the shoulder, with the neck pain.  Amazing how quiet a few symptoms I have had for years, I always thought was just normal, when they really are signs.  Great video Dr. Diana!!! And thank you so much!  Can’t wait to take all my stuff to Dr. Blackwelder tomorrow!  I purchased the Driscoll Theory II for him as a gift wink  You are doing AMAZING work!!!  And many are truly grateful for you!!  Thank you!  ~tennille~

Its very helpful to everyone. Really Thanks alot

Thank you so much, ourfullhouse! We are in this together, and trying to stay alkaline is TOUGH, which is why sharing over the internet is so important. I had a couple of BAD surges in ICP (secondary to cytokines from my frozen shoulder) and you would not BELIEVE how many things I was grabbing for help. Someday, we will look back on this and laugh. Someday, we’ll have better alternatives. Meanwhile, duct tape, anyone? Big hug, Diana

Thanks, Tennille,
You rock. YES! Chlorophyll is alkaline and it may help with our magnesium, too (research to come). I’ll order some today and put some liquid Chlorophyll in the “Store” at this website (it goes to Amazon). Thank you for your wonderful suggestion and your help. Big hug, smile Diana

You’re welcome, Jaydensmilth! Thank you for commenting! I don’t believe I’ve seen those mouse ears here before. Welcome! smile Diana

To get away from sugars (and salt) is hard. They are hidden in most packaged grain products; however, I can readily suggest looking up - It is a gluten-free and sugar-less recipe site. Almonds (as mentioned) are mildly alkaline, and the ‘flour’ in these recipes is typically almond flour or sometimes coconut flour. The outcomes are lovely, and I use the Bread 2.0 recipe on a weekly basis for my family and I (adding vanilla and cranberries, omitting agave). Realising that I have E-DS has really pulled me up on some of the lifestyle habits that I have allowed…Sweet tooth? It is not only for my wellbeing, but my children’s as well. I thought I would share the website because it has been a useful tool for me…and may likewise be useful to others. Many blessings and thank you for your site as well.

Dear Dr.DianaI am 32 and diagnosed with EDS III rceently. I am very desperate most of time because my body starts to fall apart. I am pregnant with my first baby but i am afraid not be able to bring him up.I am questionning my diagnose, I can’ t believe I have it because my relatives does not have any joint disorder at all and because all my childhood till age 15-17 I had extreemly strong joints (I could run for 10 miles, work-out in fitness, do weight-lifting because I was rowing). Most of things started after age 15-16 when I got meniscus surgery.Could it really be that EDS hypermobility starts so late and there are no signs in childhood (i questionned my parents in details about my motor development   crawling, walking etc. I did not have any misterious pain, I did not miss any day at school till age 16 because I gad excellent health)?Could it be that EDS hypermobility most problematic area is rib cage (it starts to deform because ribs are slipping out)?Could it be that there is non-stop progression during 15 years? Please, help me answering these questions! I am searching so much through internet but there is no-one who can answer.Most of doctors even don’t know such a disorder   you just have to accept your condition is answer to most of my questions. but I don’t want to accept, I want to live!

My scalp gets big fluid lumps that swell and eventually burst and a very sticky fluid leaks out, usually over night. Very painful. I am very ill with POTS, Dysautonomia and have lost so much this last year. I have had to quit doing most of my life. Strongly suspect of Vascular EDS. Mom died at 58. She blew-up. Bled-out.  I just turned 60. I have taken much better care of my body. I do have the struggle with suicidal ideation and my balance is becoming a joke. My entire family is so horrified, I may as well have the plague. Difficult to walk somedays. Much pain in head, eyes, ears, neck, throat, nodes. Was hospitalized 6 days when stomach just shut-down. We have the EDS look on maternal side. Everyone has gum recession and narrow lips thin-bridged nose eyes. I have been to Dallas 3 times and spent so much money on tests. All positive for POTS and Dysautonomia that I had already been tested for and have yet to see costly Genetic Doc and Nutritionist. Insurance covers the clinic, but, not specialists. Meanwhile, I am losing hope and will very quickly. Just found you. Listening and reading through tears. So very tired of the pain, no REM sleep and my body all comes unglued at bedtime and struggle with hip, neck, shoulders and back constant now. Brain-fog bad. Wind-me-up and watch me run into walls. Please help. I would come to you, though travel costs me dearly. You are my last hope.

i just found you through ccsvi in multiple sclerosis on FB.

I have MS, frozen shoulder, white tongue and my alternative MD says i have lyme because i had a faint band on the IgeneX western blot lyme test.  he put me on tyndimax but that treats vaginitis!  and when i take it my white tongue gets MUCH worse, so i stopped taking it.
when i do hyperbaric oxygen therapy at 1.5 A i start to notice improvements.  After doing about 15 90 min sessions my walking starts to improve.  i keep telling myself to do 40 sessions and then go to 2 “booster” sessions a month but its so expensive.  i am open to less expensive “healing powers”.
i’m curious about your thoughts and ideas on my situation.
thank you so much.

I new I seen this awhile ago but I needed to reread it to confirm if baking soda works and maybe explaine why I have mild symptoms returning. I check my blood work from last month my CO2 was 21 and also after that blood work was done my diamox went from 500mg a day to 1000mg a day and I now no my CO2 needs to be at 22 not 21 this answered some things I’ve been pondering on the past 4-6 wks..

Oh, Jrl, it sounds like you may be on Diamox Sequels. Those are not very effective for this condition. You really need the regular, cheap Diamox tablets. Likely, you’ll be able to go WAY down on your dose, making alkalinity less of an issue… wink

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