Surviving and Thriving with Chronic Illness

Diamox and Alkalinity (updated)

Have IIH or hydrocephalus and need help with Diamox? Staying alkaline helps -- here's how.
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<h1>ED治療</h1> <h1>勃起不全</h1> <h1>早漏</h1> <h1>精力剤</h1> 
<h1>ED治療</h1> <h1>勃起不全</h1> <h1>早漏</h1> <h1>精力剤</h1> 
<h1>ED治療</h1> <h1>勃起不全</h1> <h1>早漏</h1> <h1>精力剤</h1> 
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If your physician has you on K chloride and you have renal acidosis with low co2 and high chloride, ask them to put you on K citrate. Your co2 will rise and chloride will go down. I found a study and showed it to my doc. He was in agreement and it worked very well ! I could breathe again !

Is Diamox gluten free or type that is? thanks

Dr. Diana, thank you SO much for posting this video!  I cannot thank you enough!  I have been taking Diamox since the end of August (2.5 months ago) and it helped tremendously to alleviate the horrid pressure and headaches I suffer from Chiari Malfomation I.  It amazed me how different the world looks when you aren’t being squished from the inside!  I remember from another one of your videos you mentioned the feeling of being pulled out of dementia and/or mental health back into a normal mind and I really related to your feelings.  That being said, this weekend the Diamox suddenly stopped working!  I was distraught, to say the least.  Someone posted this video on a Chiari group I’m in, I then mixed up some baking soda in water, because that’s what I had on hand, and by the time I’d drank the entire glass I could already feel slight relief from the head pain.  It was a miracle.  I drank 2 more with a few pinches of baking soda and after each glass I got better and better.  I hadn’t connected it until after drinking the alkaline water that my geographic tongue was flared up more than ever and I had been suffering from indigestion when I don’t normally have it.  As soon as the water washed over my tongue even that felt better.  This was AMAZING advice that saved me today.  Thank you <3

Dear Dr Diana,

Greetings from accross the pond in England. I have found watching your videos so interesting! Everything you say is such common sense.

I was diagnosed with IIH recently and prescribed a large dose of Diamox with no follow up planned for 2 months and no blood work planned at all (before or after the prescription) I will be chasing this up with my doctor but for now I have two questions for you.

Over here we have a national health service and selecting a doctor with experience in the particular field you require is very difficult. Residents are simply sent to their local hospital and they are seen by the neurologist or neurosurgeon that is there, irrelevant of experience or special interests. My doctor doesn’t seem very experienced in treating IIH and I think I’m his first patient with a healthy BMI. I have trawled the internet to find evidence I can show him that I need regular bloodwork whilst on Diamox but cannot find it. Would you be able to send me a link for this so I can take it to my next appointment?

Secondly, you have mentioned that you take Alkazone in your drinks to increase alkalinity, I have noticed on their website that this contains potassium, does that mean you don’t take potassium as well?

Best wishes,

Carly (Winchester, Hampshire, England)

Good morning! You may have already discussed this, but I haven’t watched all your videos…  Bragg sells a raw, organic, unfiltered apple cider vinegar with the ‘mother’ that they claim lowers acidity in the body.  Their website is or  Hope this information helps.  I’ve been trying this for about a week and it seems to help. I don’t mind the taste - mix 1 tbs with 1-2 oz distilled water, or use when making salad dressing, etc.

You’re such a lovely person, and all you do is greatly appreciated.

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