Surviving and Thriving with Chronic Illness

Dysautonomia and Vascular Abnormalities

Dr. Diana discusses vascular abnormalities (and their treatments) found with EDS and dysautonomia.
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Is this link going to the girl with the videos on POTS? I hope so. You have explained so much about a woman I’m becoming very close to. She has been diagnosed with EDS and has POTS as well from what I have seen from knowing her and watching you videos. She is 51 and a sweet kind lady having a hard time with the changes coming on to her life this year. A single Mom diagnosed this past summer. Fighting with Social Services trying to qualify for aid because she can’t work anymore. I live 300 miles from her so I can’t help as much as I want yet. But you are not alone. Dr. Diana is opening many new doors with her web site and I hope it can be a blessing for all peapole sufferring with none visible syndromes. I want to be close to my friend and wonder if I’m a strong enough person to live with her troubles. It makes me feel inadaquit to worry it I can handle being with someone with a life long sickness. How petty am I? Thanks again for the videos. Please forgive my weak mind for not being able to grasp yours and my friends problems when I can only think of what it may be like for me to watch from the outside. Does anything I’ve said make sense?  Sincerely…Paul

Dr. Diana, I have aortic stenosis (replaced valve), patent ductus arteriosis, VSD, patent foramen ovale, stenosed neck veins, very thin veiny skin. My Rheum says I have EDS my Cardiologist says maybe Marfans ( only 5’6”), extremely hypermobile, grandma had arnold chiari, syringomyelia and had a shunt for hydrocephalus, both dotors tell me not to go get genitically tested? What should I do? I have fibro symptoms, my elbows are way crooked and the Rheum said I was 8/9 on Beighton. I don’t understand why they don’t want me to see a geneticist. I am 48. I also only have one kidney - the other is atrophied and they don’t know why, also gerd, gastritis, ibs, slipping rib, elbow patella. I need HELP by someone who has a clue. Please respond. Thanks.

Have you heard of serrapeptase? Do you know anything about it? I have a friend with EDS taking this for about a month and now rarely needs naps during the day where she always needed naps previously. Headaches are much less also. These are symptoms I know of that have improved. Maybe more.

Dr. Diana,
I know you have heard it multitudinous times from many, yet I need to say how deeply appreciative we are for having found you quite by accident or perhaps by God’s grace while I am desperately searching for help on many sites.  I attempted to buy your book on Amazon and it has been unavailable.  We truly NEED it as we do not yet have a team to help us.  I was so disappointed.  I’m dying to get it, in more ways than one. PLEASE let me know how/where I can get one as soon as possible.  I have so many more questions and need for help but that is the easiest for now.  I hope you and your family are improving.
God bless.

Hi doc,

Why did you asked to remove YouTube/vimeo clips about vagus nerve?



Where can we find your book?

I am 41, I have EDS3, I have the opposite of POTS (my heart rate drops instead of increases), I also am Factor V Leiden among other things.  I am blown away with this information on head pressure and leaking fluid.  My ENT doctor joked about checking my “sinus drainage” for brain fluid…  We laughed..  I will have that done for real now..  If you ever need a test subject I am free…..  My daughter is also a sufferer and she is going to med school herself.  I would be more than happy to be a test subject to help everyone else out.  Lord knows if I were a dog I would be euthanize.  lol

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This is very interesting! Do you have a theory yet for how to treat the vessels systemically? I would like to give this information to my doctor.

My husband had a stroke and diagnosed with Alzheimer’s one year ago. But neurologist suggested she thought symptoms from different source. MRI showed hydrocephalus, suggested shunt with top neurosurgeon in area.  Can Serraoeptase help, avoid shunt surgery?

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