Surviving and Thriving with Chronic Illness

E-patient Dave on TED!

E-Patient Dave gives an entertaining talk about how social media -- used at his doctor's suggestion -- saved his life. Whether it is The Driscoll Theory that pertains to you, or not, this will motivate you to remain captain of your ship, and to work with doctors who are willing to be partners in your care! LOVE THIS!!
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I love this video and came to the conclusion a couple months ago that i am my own best patient advocate. Right now i have a new doctor and i gave her some info but i will be going back with a file of data from reputable sources explaining what is wrong with me. Here there is a extreme doctor shortage and MD’s do not have the time to engage in the research that i have found on my own. Even with a doctor shortage i am still entitled to quality care as is my 16 year old bendy daughter. Engaging in our own heathcare speeds up the diagnosis process and is potentialy life saving. Thank you so much for sharing this Diana.

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