Surviving and Thriving with Chronic Illness

Free MCAS wallet card!

Dr. Diana offers a wallet card for MCAS (Mast Cell Activation) sufferers. She discusses what happened to her and why she carries this card with her. Important for most EDS/POTS and MS patients.
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Thank you! So helpful!

I’ve never heard a medical professional describe my symptoms and experiences in almost the exact same words I use! Your illness and your courageous long journey to find solutions is a gift to many of us. How may I order the mast cell wallet card?

Hi Dr. Dianna, First, thank you so much for all you do to help others.  I’ve been listening to some of your many wonderful video’s and one particularly struck home.  I have several connective tissue genes that have popped up on my testing, and my kids have issues also.  My dd who is 10 has had similar issues with the bowel shutting down even on her mirilax and everytime this has happened, it has been after having foods that have too many corn derived ingredients in them.  She has also had the white chalky stools you have talked about that scare me and when I mention this to docs, they have no ideas what’s going on.  Well, I saw your video and info on para symplus and saw that it has thiamine in it because of deficiencies.  So, I did a search to see if there is a connection between these corn derived ingredients and thiamine.  Well, if you look at the corn industries info on how they make these ingredients, they all start out with the corn kernal being soaked in sulpharic acid to extract the corn starch which is then used to make literally 100’s of ingredients which our food system is swamped with. And worse yet, what do sulphites do - but destroy Thiamine.  Wow.  Thought this info might be helpful.  But, it’s not just the corn derived ingredients, it’s used as a preservative on fresh produce, both organic and non organic, frozen bagged fruits and veggies, put in the soil as a fertilizer, beauty products, dish soap, laundry soap and etc.

I have looked on your site .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), but don’t see how I can order the MCAS wallet card.  Could you please help?  Thank you!


appreciate your determination, your inductive and deductive skills.
your expressiveness and your drive for solutions….

while i am not a member of your profession…i too have been need based and highly motivated to uncover the core imbalance driving effects of an extreme birth injury which literally impacted my entire body thru compression of the vagus nerve and set off a cascade of symptoms that stunningly parallel much of syndromes you experience…

i am grateful indeed to have come across your generous work

Thank you for all you have done to advance the knowledge and new treatment modalities for EDS/POTS/MCAS and MS patients.  Can you please send me a wallet card.  I have been pretty ill with dysautonomia, POTS, and MCAS.  I avoid ER and the hospital as much as possible.  Your site has been immensely helpful.  All the physicians that I have seen have admittedly no knowledge, or limited knowledge.  I am now being referred to an immunologist at Indiana University. I am hoping for an accurate look into this for a possible resolve, or at least better treatment.  If not for your willingness to share your knowledge, I am not certain where I would be.  Thank you again!


Please send me a card:
Brenda Merkel
711 Waring Welfare Road
Comfort,Texas 78013

I’ve only recently been diagnosed, so your blog and videos are invaluable to me and others like me (as I’m sure you know). Thank you for sharing such intimate details and for all the work you do. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I will be emailing for a card and I linked to your site from my blog, if you don’t mind. Thanks again, Dr. Diana!!

I have experienced something similar but not as extreme.  Thank you so much for sharing your experience and providing the wallet card.

Dianna, I am so sorry that you went through such horrible illness. I am glad to see you looking so well in the video. I wish you never to go back to that kind of experience again. I have not had your hospital experience, but have had the flushing for 6 years. It is awful! I flush everytime I lay down within a minute. I flush during the day and evening. Sometimes rolling flushing where it hits a peak, settles and then starts right back up again and can continue for hours in the evening. The flushing comes with a feeling of total illness, increased heart rate and heart working, sweating, swelling of hands and feet…Awful. I feel for you having been through this. I am sooooo hoping to end mine some day and have begun the Cusack protocol April 1st. I did not know about your new book, and will read it. Thank you for all your very hard work and for sharing with us all.

Thank you for all you and your family do to help each and every one of us. You are delightful dispite being pretty ill. I hope to be in contact more in these next few months as I am attempting to help Dr. Francomano with her new study coming up.  I will send you a link requesting a wallet card (if they are still available) and let you know about the huge delema going on in my life.  Its a doozy of a mess on top of all of my other medical issues.  Do you mind if I share the link to your site with the 5000+ members on my EDSTODAY facebook page?

Mast cell activation syndrome (MCAS), likewise usually alluded to as an essay expert at Can Someone Write My Cheap Essay I just wanna say that pole cell initiation issue (MCAD), is an immunological condition in which pole cells improperly and unnecessarily discharge concoction middle people, bringing about a scope of ceaseless manifestations, at times including hypersensitivity or close hypersensitivity assaults.

I would like to receive the wallet card.

I am so glad to have found you, and listened to you and your information. I was diagnosed with Systemic Mastocytosis, in my forties. Have also been diagnosed with dysautonomia, lupus, interstitial cystitis. Have had pulmonary embolism, and have end stage liver disease due to hepatitis C. Have been very most of my life. Happy to know that I am not alone. Thank you so much.


This has transpired some time recently. Clear liquid began depleting from one side of my nose - however did not keep going long. Get Home Work Online Continuously have had cerebral pains. Likewise have EDS, MS, crohns, osetoporosis and numerous different issues.

Hello! Dr Diana I really like to watching your video. Pole cells are discovered occupant in tissues all through the body, especially in relationship with structures, for example, veins and nerves, and in closeness to surfaces that interface the outside environment.

You are my life saver, I have been so sick for 10 years with exactly the same problems as you have, seen 17 doctors with no diagnose and no solutions I will read up as much as I can to learn from you I am in Australia in Brisbane is there any doctors here I wonder that can help me.You are my blessing

Doctors like her are what we need in our society. She is very dedicated towards her work and that is what I love about her. She is always happy to help people. People like her are rare to find nowadays. CCCHC

The doctor is well known for her social work, and the way she explained what happened to her made me tears. Her services in a popular new paper custom essay writers services were highly remarkable. The sufferers can easily carry the card as it very easy to use and it will be useful when the patients get sudden attack.

I sincerely appreciate Dr. Diana for coming up with a wonderful thought by offering a wallet card for MCAS sufferers. After watching this video I came to know about the things that had happened to her life and the reason behind keeping the card with her. Hope all watch this video. find more info

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