Surviving and Thriving with Chronic Illness

Gastroparesis and IBS Treatment Trial Sign Up Begins!

If you have Gastroparesis (even if intermittent), delayed gastric emptying, chronic constipation, IBS, episodic diarrhea with constipation AND have dysautonomia and/or EDS and/or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome ("M.E."), it's time to sign up for treatment trials! Instructions attached here!

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Thanks for all you do, Dr. Dianna.

Each day is a struggle.

Eagerly awaiting for treatment possibilities.

Wish I could get over from Tucson for your trials.

Hope is all I can do.

Kathryn, I wish you could get here, too! I hope you are on the forum, where I try to pop every few days and answer as many questions as possible. Hang in, my friend. No one knows more clearly than I do how urgent it is that we get the help we need today. I’m not waiting for new medications—I couldn’t wait, and I know my kids couldn’t wait. We’re using existing medications, a close evaluation of our genes and grass roots social media to get needed answers and treatments. Big hug…

We can get there! We are signing up and hoping beyond home to be chosen. Finding your site a few weeks ago has been a blessing. I know I have EDS and my oldest E - was diagnosed a few weeks ago. Searching for answers, being told I am lying, making it up, drama- Losing friends, jobs, etc-  sad face. And the pain. My gosh. I hope to see you soon.

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It additionally gives an assessment of the viability, security and conceivable components of the medications presently under scrutiny for the treatment of gastroparesis, ceaseless looseness of the bowels, CIC and OIC, in view of creature to stage II ponders. Pharmaceuticals with finish stage III trials are avoided from this dialog.
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