Surviving and Thriving with Chronic Illness

Hyperadrenergic POTS - Why so much suffering?

Dr. Diana, as patient, explains a few reasons why hyperadrenergic POTS patients suffer so much. POTS/dysautonomia involves many "invisible" systems that can be difficult to explain to doctors and loved ones. This video will help explain what is happening and what can be done to help the patient and those who care for them.
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Is it POTS or Dysautonomia?

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Great vid, thanks for sharing, and caring enough to make it easier for some ppl to understand what might be going on with their, or a loved one’s, specific version of POTS.

Hi Dr. Diana,

I hope this finds you doing well.  What all has helped you in your diagnosis of HyperPots?  Are you functional?

I can’t say this for sure, but I was diagnosed with dysaunomia, have mast cell symptoms. Clothing store can’t really try on clothes, and can skin write at all times. Iv been following the website. And have been taking antihistamines. It’s too early to tell just yet if this is the answer. But just wanna throw out the possibility of a copper deficency.  My copper was very low serum 59(range 70-150)but ceruplasmin was normal and I had no free copper!! So it’s all being used and highly needed. Copper deficiency cause collagen problems as many in the nutritional balancing field know but copper is also the number one supplement needed to break Down histamine. I really have no idea if this information holds any value but I would like to point out a connection that could be made. What I do know is copper can be lowered by zinc, vitamin c, adrenal problems, and takes many many months to get it back up even on a higher dose.

? Could this be of any importance

Hi my name is Kristin
OMG first of all I want to say THAnK YOu your videos are amazing and so helpful. I find it funny that I’m watching this video in bed at 1 am when you mentioned insomnia!!! I commented on a video you had on youtube some time back about possible hypermobility. I finally got a diagnosis for that and am now trying to find someone who specializes in Dysautonomia. I have so many symptoms : insomnia day time fatigue migraines pain joint pain diarrhea almost constant nausea with occasional vomiting very cold feet passing out vision changes convulsions seizure like and more I can’t think of right now I have other conditions too I have high functioning autism ( wihich automatically makes doctors write you off as having everything being a cause of anxiety depression etc) I have EDS type 3 I have poly sistic overy disorder (PSOS)I do have an anxiety disorder from my autism and depression but I wonder if this is all part of another disorder that causes all of this I have scolioses well had my spine is fused now and now the hardware is causing pain too I have tmj I have EBV which won’t go away I’ve had it for a year and non of the treatments have worked on me I also had lots of developmental delays when I was a baby like walking late and having my whole left side weak anyway now that I’ve told you my whole life story I want to say you bring me hope especially as things are hard right now and I’m dealing with people not understanding and the feeling of getting sicker by the day thank you!

I have dysattonomia, however it is neurally mediated hypotension, not POTS.  Please help differentiate.

I was with you all the way, symptom wise, until you mentioned you were “slightly acidic” and needed to get back to “being more alkaline”.  Um, what?  Are you saying you have organ failure?

My dear young friend has POTS. We also share a dx of Lyme Disease with co-infections.
I was researching an organism which I have called Candidatus Protomyxzoa Rheumatica. I came across your website accidentally. I am so thankful for your education on POTS. My gracious, I am an R.N. and have never had an explanation of this so clearly.
As you, I have an invisible disease. Living in Phx, AZ near many retirement communities I have run across numerous suffering older folks with invisible diseases or syndromes. They don’t want to be labeled as “handicapped"even though their condition requires them to have handicapped plates. I found out recently that some of these folks have formed a group called HANDI-CAPABLES. I just found that encouraging and uplifting. They have so much wisdom that helps us look at life with an invisible illness in a POSITIVE way.
Once again, i thank God that I accidentally got on your site and you educated me about another invisible illness. I hear the compassion in your voice.

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Dr. Diana,
Thank you so much for the video! I have POTS, joint hypermobility, and histamine intolerance. I also have tardive akathisia/ extrapyramidial syndrome for 7 years that in my opinion is caused directly by the POTS. A literature review turns up nothing. In this video do you mean you have a feeling similar to subjective akathisia or do you have akathisia? Could you describe more what is going on?

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