Surviving and Thriving with Chronic Illness

Invisible illness—another bad day at the doctor’s office!

This patient with invisible illness describes how most of us feel when we visit our doctors. Be sure to watch to the end, where he gives a shout-out to Dr. Diana! Dysautonomia, EDS, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Lyme, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, M.E. and numerous other "invisible illnesses" are frustrating for most doctors, and force patients to try to flounder for themselves. This needs to change quickly, because every day, every hour, these patients are suffering.
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I know I can relate to this, wish I had the nerve to talk back to the doctors. How many of us have had this happen??? Over and over and over…  :0)

So tired of hearing this, mostly specialist. My reg. doc is trying so hard
To help lots of tests no answers. Then I got genetic test shows loss and gain in same gene and other abnormal genes,but still no diagnosis! Now they want to do test cost 10,000 can’t even afford 10$
I really believe I have a form of eds,after lots of research I’ve done!
I am permanently disabled and have many problems, severe pain being the top of the list. In less than 2-3 yrs. time, after 20yrs. Of hard
Work and caring for my family,going to see a chiropractor every other
Week for over 10 yrs. my body finally had enough! 24/7severe pain
Sitting reclining only,because I can’t sit up straight and breathe without severe pain,don’t have wheelchair, bed or vehicle for power hair I need, I wonder if the test is even worth it! I was told almost a year ago I would be on social security disability within that same month,well didn’t happen, so appealing yet again, it’s been almost five
Years of denials from them and docs to figure this out , I really want to just give up,but my wonderful husband who is my only source of care
And works too! Would not let me before,but I think he’s almost had enough too! I pray every night for something to turn all this around,
Maybe someday! Thanks for listening, I know it’s much worse for lots of people, but some days are so hard to get through.

This is good video to watch and has good description about invisible illness what problems it can cause in the body and how patient’s feel when he visits a doctor. Recently i got ill and unable to consult a doc due to busy with essay writer service works. These types of illness cannot be exactly detected where doctor also cannot estimate the problem of patience and what he is suffering with.

I likewise have an invisible illness. Agoraphobia with Panic Disorder. I can’t travel more than a few pieces from home without freezing for reasons unknown.assignment help service. My circulatory strain and heart rate ascend sufficiently high to put me at high danger of heart assault or stroke.