Surviving and Thriving with Chronic Illness

Meet our EDS Dog!

Dr. Diana shows you her Ehlers-Danlos (EDS) dog!
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Classic Ehlers-Danlos

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Aww, what a sweet video that looked exhausting to make :

That was so cute,  Now I know what is wrong with Blue.  ha!  ha !

I loved this video. smile

Thanks, Wacky Lisa—yes, it was exhausting! It called for a 3 hour nap afterwards FOR SURE! A huge thank you to my daughter who made it so much more fun and SOOO much easier! smile

Hi Judy,
That’s funny… (One thing of many that makes Blue our favorite—don’t tell Katie). Ha.

Thanks, em!

smile Diana

Dr. Diana,
Your video was adorable!  You and your daughter did a great job with it!  Your lighthearted spirit certainly makes this illness more tolerable!  Thank you for sharing with us that dogs, too, can have EDS as in Blues case.  I had never heard of EDS in Dogs before, however, have heard of dogs having Dysautonomia.  BTW, loved your bloopers at the end of your video!  They were hilarious!

Dr.Driscoll—-We are Mom and daughter who have POTS/EDS. I believe there is more going on as well. The problem is getting doctors to listen. When my daughter was diagnosed they did very little testing. Thanks for the information.

Hi Mommyandme, Thank you for the kind words. Yes, we are not “easy” patients FOR SURE. I strongly encourage you to check out the mast cell information on this site. I have yet to see patients with EDS and POTS who do NOT respond to mast cell treatment! The very good news? You can begin with over-the-counter medications… smile Please let us know how you do, OK? Big hug to you both…

I have a dog with EDS. Its nice to know we are not alone smile

This has to be the best video ever! I laughed so hard at the bloopers. My dog also has eds I believe he is a whippet

And thanks for the good laugh

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Thank you for the video.  Does Blue bark?  We picked up a rescue and she exhibits many of the symptoms of EDS.  She has the stretchy skin, laxity and she doesn’t bark.  She lightly barks in her sleep and while awake yawns when the other dogs bark. I wonder if this is another trait. 

Our vet thinks she needs surgery for her back legs,  but I question whether that is wise and whether she will heal properly.

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