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POTS - What Have We Been Missing - Part 1

The University of Houston College of Optometry welcomes Dr. Diana Driscoll as she discusses "POTS -- What Have We Been Missing?". Dr. Driscoll presents the role of abnormal intracranial pressure in many patients as the first clue that we are missing too much in this condition. Dr. Driscoll speaks as a patient and a mom of patients who were able to recover from disabling POTS.
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Love the info!! Can I please get a link to part 2?

Where can i find part 2 on what’s been missing?

I can’t find part 2 either :(

Thank you so much for your tenaciousness! And with sharing these discoveries!
I will be meeting with my Internist this Weds. (3/16/16) and will be sending him links to your presentation tomorrow to give him heads up.
Quick question: with the successful results of Parasym Plus™ is Diamox still necessary? I am thinking it might be efficient to start with Parasym Plus and if I still have headaches try Diamox? I am not sure though and would like to get it straight in my mind before seeing my Dr.
Thank you again.

What month did Diana and her son have those viruses? I’m asking because my mother was diagnosed with PICKS Disease 6 months after having a virus in November. She was not the same after she contracted the virus. My neurologist, Dr. Oakley recently diagnosed me with POTS Syndrome and he doesn’t believe my mom had PICKS Disease. My mom did have dementia and has since past away.

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I have watched the video which you have uploaded here and found that it is very informative. I came to know that abnormal intracranial pressure is commonly found in many patients. Regular check ups are necessary to identify various eye diseases and to rectify it. jefferson reserve bourbon

The video that you have posted here can be very helpful to the people to know about the health conditions and the things that they should take care. Some people face some problems regarding pressure and it is very essential for them to have constant checkups and medicine. check here

I have gone through your blog and came to know about the decision taken by the University Of Houston College Of Optometry to invite Dr. Diana Driscoll for taking a session about the role of abnormal intracranial pressure inpatients. Thanks for share manufactured homes

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Thank you for sharing Informative post. With POTS , Is it feel like so drained that you can’t do the majority of your standard every day exercises? Peter Parker Jacket

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