Surviving and Thriving with Chronic Illness

POTS—what have we been missing? Part 2

Dr. Diana Driscoll reveals missing aspects of POTS and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome that have been missed in the past. Part 2 concerning fatigue and gastroparesis is groundbreaking! Thank you to The University of Houston College of Optometry
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Taking a test on deficiency of Acetylcholine,  I showed as severely deficient.  The test was here… I took my first two pills this evening. But, got quite a headache and very thirsty about a half hour later.  Just wondering why?  Perhaps,  it’s because I was singing and you mentioned that singing increases inter cranial pressure.  Which, us already high with POTS.  So, this may explain the pain.  However, this raises another question.  If we are supplementing we need diamox?  Or, will the inter cranial pressure begin to go down on it’s own?

Hello. I am dx’d with MS, chronic fatigue that I was always told was related to MS, JHS and a probable CTD. I am being seen for possible EDS ( wow, there are way to many acronyms here lol)and an infindibulum in my brain. I also am dx’d with Biplolar Disorder. I was seen in the ER for tachycardia…cause never determined. I find it interesting that when I was on my old meds for bipolar I always had to take an anticholinergic with my meds or I would be sick. I still smoke…people told me that having a cigarette could not possibly help me have a bowel movement. I have chronic constipation and use 25 mg organic senna and nicoteen or I cannot have a bowel movement. Since I do not have the medical education that you do, I may be getting this wrong…or maybe I’ m not just crazy. Thank you for all that you do for others. I may or may not have EDS but you are such an asset to rare disease research. Be well and thank you. Laura

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She is really a good doctor. She helped me in recovering from my glaucoma two years before. I know had dedicated she is towards her work. Good to see that she is getting a conclusion on her new research. I hope she succeeds in it.

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POTS is one of those disease which have captured young people who are eating way much junk food. young generation should be put in control now , it;s high time.

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Dr Dian’s session regarding missing aspects of POTS and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome was very informative to listen. I am looking forward to the section which explains gastroparesis and its causes. Please do keep us updated.
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