Surviving and Thriving with Chronic Illness

Somebody, HELP ME!

Can you help me? My website is rocking (great!), but I can't keep up (not great). Do you have any time to devote to the cause? Gentle hugs to you all....
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Hi Baiba,We all understand your fears, ealscieply while pregnant with your first baby (congratulations, BTW). First, let me tell you that those dang hormones during pregnancy make our joints looser, so we can feel as though we are suddenly getting much worse, very quickly. Likely, that is not the case, and after you have your baby and the hormones settle down, you will improve to pre-pregnancy condition (ealscieply with light exercise AFTER you have recovered).My guess is that your delivery will be uneventful, as our looseness helps in the delivery room. So you can consider it a blessing for about 48 hours!I’m not sure how far along in your pregnancy you are, but it takes little or nothing for my ribs to slip out of place   and I don’t have a baby inside pushing everything around!Can you tell me how you got your diagnosis?  I agree with you that your case doesn’t sound typical , but none of us are very typical ! Are you in a lot of pain? Pain is very common with Type III. There is never harm in getting a second opinion (except for the cost!), if you have any doubts.I remember telling the doctors that I never had any symptoms prior to age 46. But as time went by, I was able to remember incidents that should have been clues, not to mention photos that showed my hypermobile knees.  But I, too, was big into exercise and it helped keep me together.You may need to wait until your hormones have settled down after the baby is born to have your flexibility checked with the Beighton scale (did your doctor do that?). And you were right to question your family members, too. Are any of them hypermobile?BTW, have you seen those velcro binders that go under the baby bump and velcro together in the front or behind your back? I had to wear one of those every day, and it was a huge help. I think I was loose enough that everything needed a boost to help me fight against gravity.Baiba, please hang in and know that you have an excellent chance, with proper treatment and time to get through pregnancy and recovery, to turn this into a mere annoyance. Keep us posted, as we’ll all likely have some suggestions for after the baby is born!Gentle hug for you and baby,Dr. Diana

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Dr.Diana—-What kind of help are you looking for on the website?

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