Surviving and Thriving with Chronic Illness

Suicidal thoughts and depression

Dr. Diana discusses depression and suicide ideation -- two very common symptoms in dysautonomia and numerous invisible illnesses, including M.S., EDS, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue or "M.E.", rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and endometriosis. Always reach out for help if you experience this symptom, and understand it is a reversible symptom.
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Ty for this post.  I was very couraged to hear that at least some physicians can see that we have horrendous mood swings from adrenaline swings and blood sugar swings with my Hyper A POTS, EDS III, mast cell, CS/ME, gastroparesis, crohn’s, iritis, etc.

I felt comfort from this video - until you started b**sh*ting us.

Dr. Driscoll, you actually think that the answer to a presently suicidal person is that you will ‘cure” us all in a short period of time?  A suicidal patient should sit on pins and needles waiting for you to “cure” us when nobody else has?  In a short time?  And you want credibility in our community with such a comment?  If you came up with a silver bullet tomorrow, no insurance company or Medicare would support it after years and years.  You would be trashed by the standard community until you tested over and over for 20 years.  Your press would be trashed and your methods also.

Do you know what has happen with Amphilgen?  I was told 20 years ago to hold on, it would be ready soon.

I’ve had MC/CS for 39 years and hyper-A POTS, EDS III, etc. for 30 years.  I’ve spent 1.3 million over and above my heath insurance premiums in just 17 years.  I’m a patient at Cleveland Clinic Syncope Dept., Mayo MN, Mayo Jax, Emory U, U of Miami, Vanderbilt - and I am still critically ill.  My pcp of 13 years fired me because he said he wanted me to go to hospice and I took up too much time.  The next PCP said POTS was not a terminal illness and to get over it.  Sigh.
So maybe you think I should patiently wait another 39 years?

I have money still.  I have a high IQ.  I am personable. But I am no longer wanted in this world by my friends, family or physicians.  My best friend came to me and said I suffer too much and he would help me kill myself.  Great.

And I should not kill myself because why, Dr. Driscoll?  Because you will cure me next week? 

PLEASE change this suicide video.  How about some real advice?  And maybe not so insanely stating that YOU will save us all.  This video hurt me immensely.

Thanks for your tireless work and I hope your health is good.


Hi Dr. Diana,
I wanted to thank you for discussing depression and suicide thoughts as it relates to physical illness. I am recently diagnosed after going through years of pain, and unsuccesfull surgeries.  I tried to kill myself twice in one week, after thinking about it for about a year.
I was unsuccessful and somehow, have managed to pick up the pieces and find my fighting spirit again. I no longer am looking for an ‘out’ but rather for a way to win.
However, when I would speak to other patients of EDS or go on forums and blogs it seemed no one else had experienced such a low, or thought of suicide as an option. I was surprised because I had thought it was the logical thing to do, and suddenly I felt something was very very wrong at me. Here are all these people, many suffering far worse and far longer, and they don’t contemplate these thoughts at all.
Even knowing that others feel this way, and even may need to battle these thoughts and feeling makes me feel less crazy, less pitiful, and gives me strength to keep fighting.
You are doing an amazing job, and I urge you to keep it up. We need you.

Carole, pain is hard to deal with. I am 64 and can hardly walk anymore. After high school I put on weight until I am now over 300. Some would say that is enough reason to end my life. I think Dr. Diana has helped me and others because, unlike most doctors, she is not motivated by money. She cares and I care. First, get serious about nutrition and take 600 mg of Magnesium each day. Zeal for Life has helped me.

Psalm 6
King James Version (KJV)
6 O Lord, rebuke me not in thine anger, neither chasten me in thy hot displeasure.

2 Have mercy upon me, O Lord; for I am weak: O Lord, heal me; for my bones are vexed.

3 My soul is also sore vexed: but thou, O Lord, how long?

4 Return, O Lord, deliver my soul: oh save me for thy mercies’ sake.

5 For in death there is no remembrance of thee: in the grave who shall give thee thanks?

6 I am weary with my groaning; all the night make I my bed to swim; I water my couch with my tears.

7 Mine eye is consumed because of grief; it waxeth old because of all mine enemies.

8 Depart from me, all ye workers of iniquity; for the Lord hath heard the voice of my weeping.

9 The Lord hath heard my supplication; the Lord will receive my prayer.

10 Let all mine enemies be ashamed and sore vexed: let them return and be ashamed suddenly.

I just started crying, you explained this exactly with how I feel. I have Lyme and many infections that affect my brain chemistry, because I have days where I’m fine. But this roller laster is getting so hard. I’m so struggling with this, thank you for talking about this.

I had to share this with my psychologist because there is so many things discussed that my doctor and I have been exploring in our sessions.

Dr. Driscoll - Please feel free to contact me if there is anything I can do to further the progress of finding ways to treat these conditions (CFS, Fibro, EDS-Hypermobility, Dysautonomia).

Deborah, you are in my prayers and I wish we could chat and hold each other up.  Dr. Diana, WHERE IS THE DAMN CURE YOU PROMISED?  You are worse than a carnival barker selling snake oil because ppl believe you.  PLEASE POST the “cure” you have found (my original post was 1 2013 - SURELY you’ve cured us by now ... and explain why YOU are going to be our savior.  CRUEL POST, Dr. Diana.

Jessica, hope things are better.  It is the lack of caring from friends and family that I think led to the suicidal need to give up, along with the endless pain and suffering, plus the weekly insults from physicians.

Dear Carole, I know it’s been a few months since you posted on here so I’m not sure if you’ll see my post to you. - I just wanted to say that people do care, even if some of those people are those that you meet on sights like this.  I have experienced deep depression, feeling helpless and lost, not understood and afraid.  It is so difficult to get through those hard days and nights when you feel alone and that people just don’t understand, or never will.  Life can be hard to cope with at times, but I just wanted to share with you what has helped me.  It wasn’t a quick fix and is something I still need to try to do every day, but I am trying to learn to remember to love my self more, not to let what other people think hurt me and not allow it to make me feel sad. - This isn’t easy, but I am slowly seeing that if I trust in myself and remember that people are just human and if they really could stand in our shoes for a time, then they would understand, but they just can’t. - I try to remember that if they could understand then they would not say the things that they do.  I find that as I try to ignore the hurtful things and decide to be happy for me, then I can get through that day in a easier way.  I would never wish any illnesses that Dr Diana is trying to help research about on anyone, so I think the fact that many don’t experience what we do isn’t a bad thing and I am happy for them. - I do know it can hurt when others who haven’t experienced what we have do not understand or even believe us.  Please know that others truly do care and understand.  I know it is so difficult at times to find the strength to get through a day living with deep depression, so I remind myself to just take one day at a time and try to look after myself better, so I don’t crumble.  I really believe that trying to find positve things in our daily life and trying not to focus on the negative can push this awful crippling depression away.  I know this because I am living it. - It isn’t easy, but I would rather try and hold on to the positve, then let deep depression crush me.  I look at the beautiful sky, the sunset, hear childrens laughter, appreciate kind people and all other good things in life and it reminds me daily that there is so much to feel happy about and I try to focus on that and it really does help.  I do take mild anti depressants which have helped me when days are truly hard, giving me extra strength to cope. - Taking these was only suppose to be short term whilst I was trying to get better from my depression, but now I have to take them for the severe weakness I have and this same medicine helps take some of that weakness away.  I do believe Dr Diane does want to help, but there truly is no quick fix.  It felt like such a hard journey to even get where I am now, and still my life is full of constant difficult challenges, but now I can see those challenges in a more positve light and I tell myself, ‘you can do it’.  Take good care of yourself.  Sending love, comfort and hope your way. (Sorry I’ve written so much.)

I believe symptoms could bee relieved with thyroid med but my heart pounds too hard if I take westhroid so I live a shifty isolated life barely getting essentials done-so sick of struggling to get by each day instead ofbeing productive

I am so exhausted. I can relate to the video on depression and suicidal thoughts. I watch my Mom and Dad die from Alzimers and other illnesses. I had to make the decision to let the doctors turn off the life support to my younger brother. And I live with this every day. I have been going through testing after testing getting normal results, but my symptoms still exists and doctors stop trying to find out what is wrong. I had to put my health problems on hold. Mother in law passed out twice in one day being hospitalized and never finding out why. My brother, at the age of 53, had a bad stroke, and doctors told me he was gone that I needed to sign papers to turn off life support. Then right after my husband passes out in a doctor’s office and they told him to drive on home.  About one month later he suddenly felt dizzy and next thing he knew he woke up in the bathroom with his head busted open and was hospitalized. Went through months of many many tests, without a diagnosis. While he was in the hospital for an angiogram and after his procedure, they told him he could get dressed and ready to go home.  He stood up while still hooked up to the monitors and his blood pressure and heart rate almost bottomed out. I was able to see what was happening and told him to sit down. Nothing changed. After seeing his mother do this same thing, and after they laid her down in the bed, she came to and things stabilized. I told him to lay down and he stablized. They said that it was the med that they gave him, but I was not convinced. Maybe it was a part of it but not the entire problem. And I was angry that they didn’t take it more serious other than letting him stay over night under observation. Of course, me, not feeling well, can’t handle stress and I have fits of rage that I don’t want to have but have no control of. I was already tired and not feeling well, but I stayed with him in the hospital. I stayed up all night writing poems about what I was feeling, which no one has read.  I keep them only for me. I have bouts of tremendous pressure in my chest, neck, and head. I live with a head ache. I have had tinnitus in both ears with hearing loss. I have dry eyes, nose, and mouth. My skin is dry also and that goes for my entire body. Last year I had something burst inside my right eye causing me almost entire blindness for a few minutes. Of course doc that I saw gave the wrong diagnosis. Now For two weeks I’ve had problems with my vision. I have always been very physical and active. Now I can hardly do anything without having to go to bed for a day or two. Muscle spasms have gotten so bad,  I now have a bad knee that I had an MRI on last week waiting for the test results. But my other leg has begun to show the same signs. I have numbness throughout my body. When I would accidentally burn myself the pain would last forever. Now after a minute the pain is all but gone but I still have a bad burn. I can’t feel my toes at times and my feet and legs turn blue and cold unless they are elevated and sometimes that doesn’t even help. I can’t feel the ends of my fingers and the numbness spreads to other places on my body, especially my spine. My temples are numb. And the base of my skull and down the back of my neck into my shoulders. I have pain, but there is still numbness, if that makes sense. I have itching but scratching doesn’t help because of the numbness. My cognitive thinking is diminishing faster than I would like. I use to never sweat, and now it pours off of me. Or I’m extremely cold Especially my hands and feet usually turning different colors. I’m both hot and cold at the same time. After activity such as cleaning house, my heart feels like it is pounding out of my chest and continues even after I’m in bed for hours. I see other family members on both sides of the family having problems.  There are no doctors around here that know about the illnesses that have been discussed. They are quick to say it’s anxiety and more or less think I’m crazy, which sends me further into depression. Some of the things Dr. Diana talked about on the video EDS and eyes described my husbands family. And it’s on both sides of his family. With my family and his, our kids and grandkids have a long battle. The hyper mobility part I can see in family members. I have a pic to show of my granddaughter and I have two grandkids struggling with learning disabilities. One of my youngest grandsons is very late doing everything and doesn’t speak well at 3 and 1/2. He also at one time couldn’t hear and now has sight problems. My son has horrible debilitating headaches and his eyes are almost closed all the time. My father had and I have noise and light sensity. I see no light at the end of the tunnel and I wonder who will be next to die because docs have no answers. There is so much more but I’m tired. Just want to say thank you for allowing me to join the forum. And thank you for giving me hope that we will be able to maybe find some answers.

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I’ve been on Worker’s Comp and taking Suboxone for pain for 5 years and they cut me off cold and since I’m too ill to work I considered just throwing in the towel because I can’t really afford the medication on my own. Like my life to these people is worth less than the 10 dollars a day to keep my pain at bay. I was injured at work and had a failed back surgery and that started this downward spiral.  I found a way to get coupon for the pain meds for now and am seeing a rheumatologist to hopefully diagnose EDS as I have Beighton scale 9 or 10 and other symptoms—cigarette paper scars, stretchy, velvety skin, spina bifida oculta, constant headaches. but I don’t think anybody is believing me. Also having terrible allergic skin reactions out of the blue.  your videos help but even my family is pulling away from me because they are all screwed up in their own ways so I feel all alone. I’m not giving more info as I don’t want intervention and you can’t help me anyway. thanks for your videos. it’s nice that drs listen to you and care. maybe i think i’m not worth caring about. thanks for letting me vent.

I have severe POTS and I’m coming close to ending it all. I can’t live like this or work anymore although I need to make living. Being gone and sleeping forever seems so much easier.

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