Surviving and Thriving with Chronic Illness

The Driscoll Theory book is now available!

It's here! The Driscoll Theory® and results of numerous clinical trials can now be found here: 
This book is written by doctors and patients who live with EDS/POTS every day. 
Revealing the cause of "EDS/POTS" results in a new treatment paradigm.
All proceeds from this book will be used to fund further research. 
Gentle hugs to you all...

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Hi Dr Diana

I am in need of hard copies.  That way, I can hand a copy to my Doctors who want to learn about your work.  I have done this with other books and so far, I have excelllent feedbacks from these doctors.

Some Doctors like to read it when they are on commute to work. I like to have a physical copy myself.

Kind Rgs,


This may sound stupid, but what does non printable pdf ebook mean?
What does register mean

Cindy It means you are not able to reproduce any part of the material.  If you wanted to share a page with a doc for example, by printing the page to show it to him or her to discuss, this non-printable version will NOT allow you. So in essence, it is not very convenient or practical for patients who would want to share Driscoll Theory to the third party.

Dr. Diana, I reconnected with your page as I was searching (and not finding) recent posts by Dr. Michael Flanagan.  I ordered his book a few days ago, and there has been no evidence that the order was received or processed.  There is only the name “Donna Flanagan” on the response page.  I am very concerned that Dr. Flanagan might be ill, or worse.  Do you have any idea??

I thank you for your ongoing work.  During the past several years, I have worked through all kinds of possible diagnoses for my condition, and it’s coming down to MS, though I’m still looking. 

With gratitude,


Hi Dr. Diana. I am 53 and just diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos. I was an RN for 30 years and even so, no Dr.‘s would believe the symptoms I would tell them I had, nor offer any explanation even if they did believe some symptoms. I live on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada and am wondering if you know of any specialists that specialize in Ehlers-Danlos on the island or in central Alberta Canada (Edmonton or Calgary area). I am desperate to be assessed and believed by a physician that actually has experience in this very real and debilitating syndrome. Thanks, Denise

Did you hear the good news? CFS is being renamed Systemic Exertion Intolerance Disease. Also simple criteria and diagnosis code. Hopefully doctors will listen to the I.O.M.

Hi Dr. Driscoll:

Just finished reading your book The Driscoll Theory, Newly Revised. It took me a while to work up the courage to read it. Sounds strange but hope can be both positive and negative. I am in my 60’s and am still very hyper mobile. Dealing with the after effects of a dislocated shoulder at the moment. Just took an absentminded wrong move lifting groceries out of the trunk of my car. My bad!

I was very far into the ravages of dementia when I stumbled across your website. We were just about to start looking for nursing home space for me. The articles on Diamox were the first hopeful thing I had come across for potential treatment. It took one dose to know that this drug could, and did make a profound difference in my life.

My brain switched “on” again overnight. I have quite a bit of damage to overcome but every day I function just a little bit better. Sadly, some memories seem to be permanently lost but some have returned - kind of like a curtain slowly rising, first foggy and clearing over time. I often have to ask my husband, “Do you remember this? Did it really happen?”

The fluid runs out my nose, though, a veritable flood when I first get up. Probably not a good sign for the health of my vascular system.

I am also on Cromolyn sodium. Amazing to be able to breath freely and to eat without dealing with severs diarrhea alternating with constipation. How freeing.

1 in 100 sounds much more plausible than 1 in 20,000. I see people I suspect have EDS all the time. The one thing I do not see is knowledgeable doctors. In 60+ years, I have met only 2 and neither was available for regular access or treatment. We have a long way to go. I probably won’t live to see all the answers and many will be too late for me but I am so thankful to see all the amazing possibilities for future generations struck down by this life thieving condition.

Thank you to you and all your fellow researchers and all those who have volunteered as guinea pigs. You give hope for a better tomorrow for so many.





Do you have any information concerning complications due to cataract surgery?

I am referring to Ehlers Danlos complications with implants from cataract surgery. I was told there aren’t nerves in the eyes. My eyes are painful or maybe intense pressure? It feels like someone has hit my eyes in the middle. Steroid drops give me relief but there could be a glaucoma pressure issue by using them?

Implants?  Oh I see.

My grandmother had the procedure when she was 80.  No problem.  I’m much younger than that but I would be very cautious.  No nerves in the eyes?  What an ignorant comment.  Eyes are one of the areas severely affected by EDS.  I hope you had this procedure done at a highly respectable hospital which knows what they are doing and to whom.

I have EDS 3 and in the past year have been diagnosed with POTS. I seem to be backwards from most people. For example, I find that drinking less water helps with dizzyness. I suffer with polyuria so maybe that is why. I have most of my dizzyness at night whereas most people have it in the morning.

I can make my POTS flare up by turning my head (or eyes) all the way to the right. I have searched high and low for a similar experience but I found it tonight in your book for the first time. You mention that you wore a cervical collar for a few years and couldn’t move your head or eyes. On really bad days I have trouble walking if I have to look to my right or left.

I have a great doctor working with me at the moment with midodrine, salt, potassium supplements, fludrocortizone but honestly it’s not working :(... I"ve been looking for answers and your book gives me hope. I’ve asked my endo to review your literature and maybe she will allow me to try Diamox. I’m not sure where the MCAS stuff fits in though I do seem to have gluten as well as a host of other food sensitivities and my diet has become pretty simple. Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome…


This book is such a wonderful resource!  Is there any way to purchase a printable copy or a printed copy?  If I could actually hand a copy to my doctors, I think there is a better chance they would read it; and I could highlight certain areas.  Also, for my own reference, printable is so much more user friendly for me.  Thank you for all your hard work and research!  I can’t begin to tell you what your work means to me and how important it is to share this latest book with as many people as possible.  Thank you!

So I just read the short version of your theroy.  I have been think about this for awhile.  I am waiting on my diagnosis of EDS from a geneticist at the end of the month, but, I don’t have mast cell attacks like most people say they have.  I have extremely high allergies to the world and they have had me on Xolair.  This acts on the IgE in the blood.  Kind of like H1 and H2 on steroids. What are your thought on this?

I purchased this book but can’t get to it. How can I fix this problem?

I can understand your desire to protect your work but it is of interest to a pretty exclusive group of people. By tying it up so completely, you have made it virtually worthless as an information source for our caregivers. Most of us are disabled and on very restricted incomes. We cannot afford to purchase the entire paper over and over and our physicians do not have the time or the inclination to read through that much information. By publishing your work in such a restricted format, you have rendered it virtually useless to those who need it most.

I agree.  Printed copies are needed, to put it simply. 

Best Rgds,

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