Surviving and Thriving with Chronic Illness

Urine in our Invisible Illnesses! Eww…

Dr. Diana's research into invisible illnesses continues with your help! Do you have M.E./CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), dysautonomia, POTS with or without Ehlers-Danlos syndrome or Joint Hypermobility, rheumatoid arthritis, Chronic Lyme Disease, Multiple Sclerosis or Lupus? Let's look at your urine!
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Fingernail moons and IMPROVEMENT!

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You are such a bright light in this myriad of symptoms..which all seem to link together..People are so skeptical..MS and EDS ..hmmm..Fibro, CFS..linked…My sisters have MS, my aunt MS, my mom Lupus..we all look good too…I follow you and I do believe urine is definitely related to..perhaps a flare..Thank you for taking time out of your life, you are ill as well, you are on to something Doc:) You always seem to be two steps ahead..Thanks ,for being positive and giving a are wonderful!

Hi Dr. Diana,
This is Laura Lannon. Oh my gosh, I have been laughing SO hard. I love it. Totally something I would do - singing off camera. So glad this was recorded and shared.
Also, it’s like you’ve read my mind about urine, lol. I have really been wondering what is going on there lately… weird.
Laura (screen name: Lola)

Hi Dr. Diana,
This just takes the cake! I can’t stop giggling. Love your singing at the end. This is Laura Lannon btw.
Also, it’s like you read my mind about the urine. I have been wondering the past few months what is going on down there (cloudy and weird smell sometimes)...
Going to watch again to try to get more out of it, I think I was laughing too much the first time.
Big hug,

Great info.  Just wanted to comment on the urine color.  I always understood that urine should be pale yellow if you are drinking enough water and yours did seem to be quite yellow.

Yes to cloudy urine. No to diamox.  Why take diamox for eds?  I have chiari I as we’ll, and can see taking it for that, but can you pleas explain why diamox would be needed for EDS dx?  Thanks.

This is an interesting video.
I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Hypermobility Type - the only thing I cared to fight to diagnose. Whatever the comorbids are - I don’t care to get poked that many times.

I do not take ANY pharma’s - and my urine has these fluctuations often.
Sometimes I have highly conectrated urine to the point that it’s greasy, or it settles to the bottom of the water/ seperated like food dye.

Sometimes its cloudy with a lot of particulate in there…

sometimes its extremely dark almost a brown orange color

After some time of experiencing this wierdness, and losing extra weight that I really didn’t mean to - I discovered glycogen storage diseases…
particularly mcardles disease, where the muscles themselves have no energy and the protiens break off into the blood stream.

Maybe I don’t have mcardles, but a similar happening due to EDS causing such weakness and compromise to each joint/muscle from so many dislocations.

I thought this was something we need to look at as a community - as time goes on with whatever “invisible” illness - only more dominos keep coming. I imagine this would fall under dysautonomia or something when EDS would be the root cause.


Dont have any diagnosis. Have goetten dizzy whole life, learned drink more in summer and get up slowly, son they said EDS(plain kind), other son cked for Marfans but no diag.(yeah), Were all flex. No moons for awhile. SOmetimes cloudy urine, espec 5yrs ago. People who make (B1,B6 defic….) or eat to many oxalates(almonds HI) get that also. Usually BP in 80’s. Cousins and Aunts,Mother with Lupus,RA,MConnectiveTD. I eat as healthy as can as realized foods effected me as child and stomachaches…SCD has helpd me and some veg juicing. Trying to deal better with heat and cold. Am lucky can calm down IBS cramps, asthma, start of migraine…WOuld be so nice to weigh more muscle(almost to 100), better concentration. Also trying to figure how oxalates and histamines are relatd (starting more histamine reactions. No moons for 15 yrs,1 thumb appeared this yr, but have nails curved up at ends for 4yrs. Will try to concentrate on posible and positive!

Thanks doctor Diana you are very good and right on key my son is also a doctor and he know I lone natural nutrition, so he let me consume the best cran aloe daily and it keep mi urine so clean.

My daughter has had POTS/Dysautonomia for 6 years and has a feeding tube. She is having UT I symptoms but her 24 hr. test on her urine came back normal.  They recently have added water to her tube feeds could this cause symptoms? I was looking online and read Interstitial cystitis can happen with dysautonomia.  I just want her well..even just a more manageable level.  Can’t stand to see her suffer and miss out on life.

To everyone that i am blessed to share with, Cran Aloe Rejuvenate your body. our everyday health benefits: Antioxidant enriched, Promotes digestive health, Supports urinary tract health,Supports kidney health and Strengthens natural resistance.

What exactly does it mean when you have very cloudy and nasty smelling urine?  (from hours to days or weeks on end then it goes away then comes back?

I was born with multiple birth defects to my urological, gynocological and renal systems. just to name a few. I thought it was cool that I could contort my body when I was younger… lol… into my 30’s.  But the lack of proper medical care has always bewildered me. I was just diagnosed with EDS. They didn’t have time to treat, explain, discuss anything. I have no idea how to find a doctor and a physical therapist to assist me and test for other things.  There’s lots of weird stuff going on just more severe and constant then ever before (no more running or jumping for me)

Can anyone guide me in finding proper care?  I am 46, I live about an hour north of San Francisco CA.  I’m sending this link to my disability advocate cuz this is the most information I’ve seen any where. 

Thanks for any info and assistance

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I’ve had cloudy urine a lot. But no Diamox.

I have had stomach problems since age 12. The diagnosis was peptic ulcers. I’m now 49 & can’t tolerate many medications.  I’ve osteoporosis ,scoliosis, spinal stenosis,  D.D.D and after an unknown mad removed from my vein from my left ring finger that was causing pain and affecting my interpreting for the deaf it caused what later was diagnosed as RSD. I know suffer from my bp &HR; going crazy, up & down.  I’ve suffered with migraines and neck pains since my first whip lash at 15 . I suffer & dr’s won’t listen or help.  I’m at the end of my rope with no quality of life, at all.  I’m in Killen, Alabama.  Pls help :(

I have EDS - Hypermobility type, with an overlap of classical symptoms. Great video! LOL! I have a shortage of clear glasses at the moment, but my urine is at times cloudy and ALWAYS has little particles/“floaty things” in it.

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